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Garden Ponds & Nature Ponds

Garden Pond and Natural Pond Design, Construction and Maintenance

Garden ponds generally contain fish and the benefit of watching these beautiful creatures swim around in your own garden pond is not to be underestimated.

Nature ponds are generally without fish to encourage a maximum of bio diversity without apex predators.

Garden and nature ponds should fit seamlessly into the landscape of your garden.

When designing ponds we take a ‘whole picture’ view to devise and build a feature that will enhance your garden while providing an ideal habitat for the pond inhabitants.

With natural pond and wetland areas constantly diminishing providing an area in your garden for such wildlife will be immensely rewarding. A well built pond will rapidly be colonised by a host of creatures and reward you with a fascinating insight into the natural world.

As a means of escape from the rush and stress of everyday life it can’t be beaten!

Large pond build in garden of listed building near Warminster

Garden Ponds & Nature Ponds