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Aquarium and Pond Services



We install, hire and maintain all types of aquariums for businesses. Marine aquariums, tropical or cold water we can supply them all.

  • Bespoke - made to measure and to match your décor including the fish!
  • Be different - tall column aquariums or aquariums set into the wall and floors or even your coffee table.
  • Traditional - cabinets and glass aquariums.

To ensure that your aquarium always looks as stunning as the day it was installed we offer a fully comprehensive maintenance service. Our trained, experienced staff will provide the following:

  • Make regular visits to carry out all essential cleaning of glass, gravel & décor.
  • Make an assessment of all fish and plant life.
  • Carry out all filter maintenance and partial water changes.
  • Supply all food and medications.
  • Replace fish and plants as necessary.
  • We offer a call out service and advice.

Prices start from just £33.00 + VAT per month.

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Is your pond looking tired, full of sludge and overgrown? Are your fish sad and in need of attention? If you already have a pond, stream or other water feature that's looking tired and overgrown we can transform it into something beautiful that you can enjoy. Let us take the worry out of owning a pond.


We provide a pond and water feature service for residential and business premises.

  • Interior and exterior water features.
  • Design and construction.
  • Fountains and filter systems.
  • Koi ponds and nature pools.
  • Repair, renovation and cleaning.
  • Planting and stocking.
  • A regular maintenance service.

All you have to do is to sit back and enjoy your beautiful water feature.

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Custom Built Aquariums
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Free Standing Aquarium Outside Pond Constructions
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Pond Constructions Relaxing Aquariums
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01275 333544
01275 333544

Custom Built Aquariums Outside Pond Constructions Free Standing
Free Standing Aquarium
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Pond with Decking
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